Conservation & Stewardship

Norwell Farms is committed to being good stewards of the land we farm at the historic Jacobs Farm homestead and the Barstow field on River Street. In 2014, we rehabbed the historic chicken coop on the property and brought 12 laying hens to the farm. We also shingled the door of our greenhouse to match the historic barns on the property.  In 2015,  Norwell Farms will invest in new equipment to keep the stone walls on the property clear without the use of herbicides. We also plan to expand our compost operation at the farm to continue to replenish and care for the soils on the farm. 

Norwell Farms benefited from generous funding from the Town of Norwell’s Community Preservation Committee and the Historical Commission. The funds must be used to rejuvenate Jacobs Farm back to a working farm. In 2014, NFI oversaw installation of electricity to the Barns and the Greenhouse, drilling of a new well and renovation of the existing well and irrigation work in the fields. In 2015, we will continue to work on irrigation at the farm and bring running water to our wash stations and greenhouse!