We're sorry, but we are no longer accepting CSA share purchases for the 2018 season. 

Comments/Questions: info@norwellfarms.org

*Any orders not picked up by Saturday at noon will be donated to local food pantries and/or homeless shelters.  For more information about our commitment to serving the food insecure members of our community, click here www.norwellfarms.org/farm-to-community.

NOTE: Freedom Food Farm will be delivering their vegetable and meat CSAs on Thursdays.  We encourage our CSA members to pick up at their earliest convenience in order to guarantee the shortest time for field to fork. As courtesy and convenience for our members, we will hold the produce in our cooler to allow for the additional pick up day on Saturday. 


organic Vegetable & Meat Shares

ORganic Vegetable ShareS

  • Weekly Share:  June 14th - September 27th
  • Pick-up at NORWELL FARMS:  Thursday (3pm-7pm) or Saturday (9am-12pm)
  • Pre-boxed share includes 7-8 items per week (good for a family of 4)

meat share details

  • Weekly Share:  June 14th - September 27th
  • Pick-up:  Thursday (3pm-7pm) or Saturday (9am-12pm)
  • Includes 2-3 lbs of pork, beef, lamb OR 1 chicken per week
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Freedom Food Farm is a sustainable, full-diet, 88 acre farm located in Raynham, Massachusetts. The farm is operated by a small team of dedicated farmers that grow and produce food year-round.  Their mission is to provide healthy, nutritious food to members of local communities throughout the socioeconomic spectrum. They use organic and biodynamic principles, striving to model natural ecological cycles. This translates to healthy food for the whole community!  Learn more about Freedom Food Farm at www.freedomfoodfarm.com.

Freedom Food Farm will be delivering pre-boxed vegetable shares to Norwell Farms on a weekly basis.  The price is $510/share and covers the entire summer season, June 14th through September 27th.  Members can expect to receive 7-8 items per week.

Freedom Food Farm is also offering a meat share, including pork, beef, chicken, and lamb.   All of the meat is certified organic, pasture raised, non-gmo, no hormones, no antibiotics, and humanely handled.  The share is pre-packed and includes 2-3 lbs of large animal cuts or 1 chicken per week.


Flower shares


flower share details

  • 6-week Summer Share - $140
    • Starting in late June
  • 10-week Summer Share - $220
    • Starting in late June
  • 6-week Fall Dahlia Share - $99
    • Starting late August/early Sept
  • Pick-up:  Thursday (3pm-7pm)

Each week, Cross Street Flower Farm harvests the best of what is growing in the fields and designs beautiful bouquets using those blooms.  Customers receive a weekly newsletter detailing what is included along with added notes about the farm.  Bouquets can be picked up at any of our SEVEN convenient South Shore locations and is pleased to offer Norwell Farms as a new pick-up location for 2018.  Perfect for anyone picking up their veggies and meat CSA!  Flower Shares can only be picked up on Thursdays at Norwell Farms, so please plan to pick up your veggies and meat on that day!

Learn more about Cross Street Flower Farm at www.crossstreetflowerfarm.com.


PICK UP SCHEDULE  - all shares can be picked up at Norwell Farms, 4 Jacobs Lane, Norwell