Farm to School

Norwell Farms partners with schools in the South Shore to offer children the chance to participate in growing, harvesting and tasting food grown at their schools or at the farm. 


Field Trips

At Norwell Farms we use organic farming methods to grow a variety of vegetables to sell through the CSA, farm stand and farmers markets. This tour gives a behind-the-scenes look at how farming at Norwell Farms really works.  Kids and adults love to learn about the historic farmhouse & barns located at the farm, as well as explore fields, meet our chickens, and have a vegetable tasting.  

Our field trips are adjusted to meet the needs of groups of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and our educators are committed to providing meaningful experiences for all visitors.


School visits / tastings

If you are a teacher, administrator or parent and would like to learn more about our work, please contact us.  

We will work with you to arrange a lesson plan appropriate for your class and education goals.


First Peas to the Table contest

In 2017, we plan to hold our first ever "First Peas to the Table" contest.

Based on the book "First Peas to the Table
How Thomas Jefferson Inspired a School Garden" by Susan Grigsby and illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

About the book: Maya loves contests, so she is excited when her teacher announces they will plant a school garden like Thomas Jefferson’s garden at Monticello—and they’ll have a “First Peas to the Table” contest, just like Jefferson and his neighbors had each spring. Maya plants her pea seeds with a secret head start—found in Jefferson’s Garden Book—and keeps careful notes in her garden journal. But her friend Shakayla has plans of her own for the contest.