Growing Farm, Growing Minds

Written by:  Jo Randolph, Education Director

Norwell Farms is known for growing a diverse variety of vegetables, but we also like to think that we help grow people, too. Education and building community are a large part of Norwell Farm’s identity as a community farm. As we bring children and adults to the farm to learn about where food comes from and why a sustainable food system is so important, we also cultivate curiosity, diligence, creativity, and so much more. If we can get one person to see the beauty in a newly sprouting seed or to feel joy when they bite into a just-picked cucumber, we will have succeeded in our mission.

This summer we are excited to pilot some educational programs for children that we hope will do the above. We will roll up our sleeves and plant, harvest, and care for the farm animals. Along the way, we hope we help the children who come to be better people who understand the value of hard work, perseverance, and being creative in the face of the unpredictable. We hope they gain an appreciation of the amount of work and care that goes into the food we eat—it doesn’t just magically appear on the grocery store shelves. Someone planted, nurtured, and put a lot of time and care into creating that beautiful carrot for us to eat. Hopefully some of your children will join us this summer for one of our Farm Fun Days. Even if they don’t, we hope to see you at the farm for other reasons, whether to pick up a CSA share, to buy fresh vegetables and eggs at the farm stand, or just to stop, breathe, and enjoy the view!

For more information on our pilot education program, check out our website at or email