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Written by:  Anna Brown, Norwell Farms Board Member

"Why I volunteer at the farm....?   I never saw myself as a gardener/farmer or an outdoor person,  and being at the beach or sitting by the pool doesn’t count.   I don’t like bugs, worms or mice, snakes, frogs or anything like that but it spite of my fears over the past year I have spent more time helping out at the farm.   I came to the farm kind of accidently.  I like to cook and I like to eat.  Food taste best when it’s fresh, local and in season.  The more I learned about cooking and food I started going to farmers markets in the summer and buying fresh fruit and vegetables.  When Norwell Farms started out five years ago I was so excited!  I could buy my vegetables right here in Norwell!!

I love seeing the process of growing vegetables- planting the seeds, the first sprouts,
watering and watching them mature then seeing the tomatos or squash or whatever sitting there waiting to be picked.  The best part, in my opinion, is creating a dish then getting to eat it with your family and friends.

Life can be very busy at times worrying about yourself, your kids, job, family etc.. and finding the extra time to volunteer can be difficult.  I realize when I’m there helping out
how good it feels to do something that’s not “all about me”, being outside with other volunteers
and not focused on my life is relaxing and renewing (in spite of the occasional crawler I see)."

Volunteers are welcome to join us in the fields during the farming season!

2015 Season Volunteer Hours:

Mondays Wednesdays - 9am-12pm 

Last Sunday of Every Month 

June 28th 10am-3pm

July 26th 10am-1pm

August 30th 10am-1pm

For more information about volunteering at Norwell Farms, please click here