Our Team



The Board acts as liaison with the Town of Norwell for the overall operation of the Farm, most recently working to hire a new farmer and raise funding to continue our mission. The Board also secured non-profit status to enable our community to make tax-deductible contributions in support of the Farm. 

  • Nikki Bartley
  • Jess Chase
  • Cara Gilmartin
  • Timothy Timmerman
  • Co-Chairs:
    • Mari Creatini
    • DeeDee Tobias
  • Sue Kirby, Treasurer

People always ask our Board members how we got involved in the farm and what we do here. Many of us began as volunteers in the fields or signed on to launch the non-profit after the Town Meeting vote. It has been exciting to watch the farm grow from its original 1.6 acres. We are proud to work alongside our farmers, our fellow board members and volunteers. It is inspiring to watch that ah-ha moment that happens on the farm - when suddenly dirt under your fingernails starts to feel like a badge of honor or a freshly picked carrot can take your breath away.

We love to instill that same excitement and see it come to light when a member of the community embraces the farm as much as we do. Norwell Farms, at our core, brings these two things together - food and community - and we celebrate both!


  • Norwell Board of Selectmen
  • Norwell Historical Commission
  • Norwell Conservation Commission
  • Historic New England


  • Sarah Baker
  • Anna Brown
  • Kaela Curtis
  • Tricia DeGiulio
  • Tania DiSciullo
  • Jeff Ganguly
  • Patty Hainer
  • Lori Hillstrand
  • Kristen Jervey
  • Marybeth Shea