stories from Norwell Farms

When Norwell Farms began in 2010, the goal was to bring Jacobs Farm back to a working, organic farm growing food on 14 acres, mostly in Norwell.  Today, we are pleased that we not only did that, but we also contributed to enriching the South Shore community by inspiring, educating or collaborating with the following people and businesses to achieve their goals as they in turn helped us achieve ours.

Norwell Farms wouldn't be here without the support of the Town of Norwell, the Norwell Community Preservation Committee, the Norwell Historical Commission, the Norwell Conservation Commission, the Norwell Historical Society and the citizens in our community.  It's because of the South Shore community and its people that these following success stories have been made possible (or perhaps just made a little easier).  

When we all come together as a community and work together great things can happen!


stories from Norwell Farms...