NORWELL FARMS - OUR ROOTS. Norwell Farms began our organically-grown produce CSA operations, education, and charitable community programs in 2010 on the 1.6 acres of Norwell’s Jacobs Farm Homestead along Main Street. At the peak of our commercial farming, Norwell Farms spanned over 7 acres of the Jacobs Farm property and additional fields throughout Norwell and Marshfield. This growth out-paced the capacity of our volunteer-based board, drawing limited resources from our mission’s main priorities. In 2018 the Norwell Farms Board of Directors unanimously agreed to return the scale of our farming operations to the manageable, yet no less impactful, acreage of our humble beginnings; to go back to our roots.

NORWELL FARMS TODAY. Norwell Farms is managed by volunteer local citizens with a shared passion for the good that our mission brings to this community. The current Board includes depth across a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, and the organization thrives on endless talent and enthusiasm from community volunteers filling several roles and needs. Today, farming food is no less important to our mission.

NORWELL 2020-2024. We will continue to align our educational curriculum to foster the health of its people, soil, plants, animals and food system by directly connecting residents with the benefits of local agriculture and a thriving ecosystem. Our farming practices will continue highlight our dedication to growing food and other beneficial crops in a diversified way, using regenerative techniques and systems. Norwell Farms is not re-inventing itself to take on a new direction, but rather, leveraging the success and mistakes of the past 10 years into its most sustainable and viable version yet.